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Homemade Chicken Baby Food

This homemade Chicken Baby Food is a great addition to your baby's favorite pures of extra protein and flavor! It's an incredibly simple recipe with a big flavor and nutrition! Perfect stage One Baby Food


      • Sweet potato & carrot
      • Onion
      • Chicken
      • Chicken Broth (Meat & bones)
      • Sweet Potato Puree, Avocado Puree, or Carrot Puree.
      • You can use water, breastmilk, or formula in place of the chicken broth if you prefer.

    Add the cooked chicken to Slursh blender with the broth and optional additional baby food puree. Add the optional spice if using. Blend as smooth as you like, adding more or less liquid as desired. Serve to your baby plain or added to another puree. Store a small portion in the fridge and freeze the rest for another meal.