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Best Portable blenders in India 2023 - Blend anytime & anywhere


What type of Blender suits you? Do they even have types? How to pick the right Blender for yourself? There are plenty of questions you are going to face before getting a perfect blender for yourself. Let’s get into this and dig more a bit into these incredible jars and know about their superpowers to blend all the sorrows and prepare goofy, happy smoothies.

As now there are so many blenders available in the blender market, it becomes confusing, so here we are discussing the most demanding portable blender in India that is on-the-go and also saves space on the kitchen counters. Neither they are big nor they are bulky.  As the name suggests, portable blenders allow less space, are easy to use and can be fit into any cabinet. The best part is they can serve as both a blender and a drinking vessel. 

There is a company Slursh, offers the best of portable blenders in India. Slursh was made to give its customers the most epic juicing & blending experience imaginable. It’s your best choice to make absolutely lip-smacking shakes, smoothies, and everything in between. It's the right combination of power, style, and trust. Especially designed for you to lead a healthy life, Slursh is your ultimate health companion and is always there to take care of your nourishment needs. 

Get to know here the best portable blenders of Slursh in India -

Slursh Bolt Portable Blender 

Just stash your fruits, veggies, soups, etc in it and drink it directly from the jar. One-stop solution for all beverage lovers. From Margaritas to juices from desi pancake batters to skin care regime pastes you can blend anything in this without any trouble, without any tussle. It is so convenient and handy. You can also call it mini juice blenders. 

If we look into its features/USP it has -

  • Long battery life- Built-in 2000mAh battery and a charging capacity of 3 hours. They are wireless portable blenders.
  • Spacious- The capacity of Bolt is 350ml, weights 438 grams, and has a volume of 78.2*78.2.*234mm with 65W motor power.
  • Tritan free- It is made up of ABS-Plastic (Baby food-grade material) and robust Tritan, it is lightweight, neutral in taste, heat-resistance, non-toxic, food-safe, scratch-resistance, and dishwasher-safe.
  • Easy to clean- Once you detach the machine from the cup or if the components are not assembled correctly, the device won’t start
  • Rechargeable- Recharge once and you are good to go up to 15+ blends. It features a water-resistance USB-B-Type charging port and a reversible cable.


Swirl Portable Blender

You need to just swirl all the items inside and blend the same. Easily converts blends into delicious finger-licking recipes in just 20 seconds. A powerful high-speed personal blender. It can blend frozen fruits so easily and quickly. Whether at home, at work, at the gym, in the car, at the beach, or on vacation - the Swirl blends everything. Stay active and stylish wherever you are with this next-gen portable blender.

If we look into its features/USP it has - 

  • Slim and Sleek Design - Compact and aesthetic design make it easy to carry around. 
  • Silent Blade Technology -This blender offers a silent blend technology when it comes to blending needs.
  • USB rechargeable - The USB juicer cup built-in 1500mAh rechargeable battery. It can be fully charged for about 2-3 hours, and fully charged can produce up to 10-15 blends of juice. The mini smoothie maker can recharge via any USB port between uses and drinks at home, office, gym, travel, or any other outdoor activities.
  • Durable and Drop Proof - It is made with BPA-free plastic, and it has an aesthetic look without sacrificing its durability. They are wireless portable blenders.
  • Clean and Convenient - This electric personal blender is so easy to clean. When cleaning, Just pour some water and an optional drop of soap into the blender bottle, and you need to double-click the ON/OFF button to start automatic cleaning until it is clean. There is no need to disassemble and clean again.
You can use Slursh blenders for multiple purposes and can make countless recipes from them. Bring home your partner for life! From the mountaintop to your treadmill, blend anything, anytime, anywhere! Slursh is your ultimate health companion and is always there to take care of your nourishment needs.


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