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It’s hard to stay dedicated to your fitness goals and healthy eating habits on normal days. We all need a little extra nudge to stay put on the healthy wagon; so having a handy portable juice or smoothie blender is just what we need.

Portable Blenders are the favorite jetting around partner of everyone regardless of whether you are a home chef, fitness freak, health-conscious person, office-going professional, student, etc. Whether you want tasty smoothies, soups, or frozen drinks or need something for chopping and crushing, mix blenders are the perfect devices.

These can be used for pureeing and mixing also and opens a lot of possibilities for people who want them in their kitchen.  Some may ignore its importance, but most people rely heavily on them and feel lost in their kitchen without having a blender.

Things to consider while buying portable blender in India

When it comes to purchasing a blender, the availability of several options in the Blender market makes it challenging for anyone to choose the best one.

Choosing a blender kit that only looks pleasing and has appealing aesthetics is easy. But you should dig deeper to find out more about their functions and other features that can prove it to be the best device in your home. 

Best portable blender in india

Blender Storage Capacity

When choosing a blender, you should consider the size of your family. The capacity in the container of your portable blender matters. Here, it can determine the number of ingredients that can be processed in the blender’s jar. In general, blenders often vary in size from 3 to 15 cups. Choose one that can make a blender up to 15 cups in one go. Your blender must be at least 350 ml.

Best portable blender

Speed of the Blender

It is better to choose a model that comes with multiple speed settings. Slow speeds are suitable for juicing soft fruits. And higher speeds are beneficial for hard food products like carrots, beetroot, coconut, and others. Because more motor power is required to break down the fibers of hard produce. A wireless portable blender like Slursh Bolt is the best one. 

Silent Blade Technology

A well-built blade can chop, cut, and blend effortlessly without straining the motor. Also, a good quality blender should not make noise. Take our Slursh blenders wherever you go with the easy-to-carry design and our signature Silent Blade technology.

Made with ABS Tritan material

Choose a blender made with ABS-plastic (baby food-grade material) and robust Tritan, it is light in weight, neutral in taste, heat-resistant, non-toxic, food-safe, scratch-resistant, and dishwasher safe.

USB Rechargeable

Choose a blender that you need to recharge once and you are good to go up to 15+ blends. Apart from that, it also features a water-resistant USB-B-type charging port and a reversible cable.

Easy to Clean

Blending becomes more enjoyable when you don't need to follow a tedious cleanup.  Always look for a blender where you do not need to put much effort while cleaning. If you use Slursh Bolt, you only need to detach the base from the bottle & rinse the blades. Stand to dry and plug the base in to recharge.

Bottom line

Now we have a brief idea about the factors on which the buying decision depends are also discussed, which can give a clear picture to the user before buying the juice maker.

Our Slursh Blenders are  specially designed so you can have fresh healthy food options on the go! Shop our Portable Blender and discover new ways you can stay hydrated.


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