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Slursh Bolt-350 ML- Best Portable Blender 2023

Slursh Bolt: Your All-in One Partner for Life

Are you addicted to having a latte, an iced drink, a healthy soup, or a smoothie? Want something that can help you to make delicious smoothies to cleanse your body? Or something that can help you make juices to continue your fitness regimen? 

Slursh Bolt 350 ML is your all-in-one partner for life. Just toss in fruits and veggies in your favorite blender and get amazing smoothies, make magic potions for your skin care, delicious shakes, and more. To get ultra-smooth drinks, hold your Bolt upside down and press the power button.

One of the best portable blenders in India that can grind up the heartiest produce in smoothies (hello, kale and pineapple, bye-bye, raspberry seeds), make nut milk, blend velvety soups, turn granulated sugar into powder, and much more.

USPs of Slursh Bolt- 350ML-  Why is it a go-to-go choice for everyone?

Stylish & Versatile

Slursh Bolt can be your perfect and versatile travel partner. Carry it to the gym and whip your protein shakes in just minutes. Also, take it to your work and don’t skip your breakfast. Being sleek and stylish, the portable blender can make other people go green with envy. 

Easy to Clean

Cleaning Slursh Bolt mini juice blender is extremely convenient with just a drop of liquid soap and water. For thorough cleaning, you can detach the cup and body.  

Portable and Lightweight

Slursh Bolt weighs 438 grams. Its maximum capacity is 350 ML, and volume of 78.2*78.2. *234mm. The mini juice blender has 65w motor power, making it highly powerful and quick to grind, chop, and for other such activities. It is so lightweight that you can use it right from the gym, hiking, picnics, and even travel to your classroom and work desk.

USB Rechargeable

Slursh Bolt can be the best machine you can have. It comes with a 2000mAh battery and has a charging capacity of 3 hours. Users can make up to 15 cups of milkshakes, margaritas, and juices, that too nonstop. In addition, you can continue its power supply using a USB -B type charging port to continue slushing more juices.


Slursh Bolt features ABS-plastic and robust Tritan materials. Both are eco-friendly. In addition, these materials are light in weight, scratch and heat-resistant, neutral in taste, and non-toxic. Besides, it is also food-safe, and dishwasher-safe up to 80 degrees centigrade. Since the material is highly durable, it makes the blender break resistant.

Powerful Blades

Blades decide the efficiency of a portable blender. When it comes to choosing a blender with powerful blades, you can go for Slursh Bolt which features SUS304 stainless-steel hawkbill saw blades. These blades are renowned for offering versatility, durability, and being hygienic.

Spill-proof, Detachable, & Easy to Store

Getting a spill-proof and detachable blender is cherry on the top. Slursh is spill-proof and features a safety lock.

Safety Proof

Slursh Bolt features in-built cutter heads and is equipped with safety settings to avoid direct contact with the human body. The device won’t start if you have not assembled components or have detached the machine from the cup.

Less Noise, Big Performance

Slursh Bolt can be your silent partner as it features built-in technology that makes less noise than other blenders. 

Final Thoughts

Slursh Bolt  can be your true companion in your kitchen, health journey, travel, and everywhere. By incorporating the handy machine into your life, you can make better choices regardless of where you are. 

What can be more useful and serving than the highly efficient Slursh Bolt lightweight mini juice blender?


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