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Enjoy Easy Cooking Oil Straining, For Beautiful Kitchen Utensil & Healthy You.

Cooking in Indian households is a task in itself & what makes it even more difficult is handling & reusing hot oil or stored oil. Oil needs to be handled & stored carefully because it is your first step to prepare food. For most of us, we don’t exactly use many cooking oil separators and try to strain oil by ourselves only. Also, when we store oil in normal kitchen utensils, they need to be handled very carefully because all kitchen utensils are not capable of handling and storing hot oil. It is to be noted that straining oil without proper kitchen ware is not safe and right to do. Now, strain cooking oil easily with Slursh’s cooking oil strainer. No mess, no risk of hand burns, just a clean straining experience with Slursh.


The utilities of this amazing Slursh Cooking Oil Strainer are not only restricted to straining the oil but also help in different kitchen activities including sifting flour, brewing loose-leaf tea, straining lumpy gravy, etc. For sure, it is the best cooking oil strainer that will catch everyone’s eye in your home.    
We in general love to eat fried foods that require a lot of oil to fry. In most cases, we use the oil, and when we try to strain it, a whole lot of mess is created at your kitchen counter with hard to clean oil strains on your kitchen utensils. But Slursh’s Cooking Oil Strainer strains the oil easily with a non-slip coaster tray that prevents oil from dripping onto the counter and makes sure it is stored appropriately.


Why go for Slursh’s Cooking Oil Strainer?

The unique features of this cooking oil strainer make it the topmost choice among consumers. It is a kitchen ware that caters to your daily cooking needs & more. Some of its highlights are:
  • Slursh’s cooking oil strainer is made from high-quality fine iron, which is food-grade, and environment friendly.
  • It has a strong & solid dustproof lid that protects the stored oil from outer dust particles and ensures the oil is healthy and safe to consume.  
  • When we store oil in basic kitchen utensils there is a chance of oil getting affected by the rust but in Slursh’s cooking oil strainer there is a double-layer coating for both sides that keeps it non-stick and prevents rusting.
  • It has an easy grip handle with which one can hold the cooking oil strainer conveniently & pour oil while cooking without any leak. 
  • The cooking oil container has a large capacity and can store up to 6.8 cups / 1.7L oil at once.
  • Another important feature is that this cooking oil separator assists in filtering particles from any kind of oil including cooking oil, coconut oil, fat, and frying oil, and makes it perfect for reuse.
  • Super easy to clean, Slursh’s cooking oil strainer can be washed with dish soap in warm water.



Bottom Line:

For a healthy and safe cooking experience, Slursh’s Cooking Oil Strainer is the perfect choice for the kitchen. It is an all-in-one product that eases out many kitchen chores & makes sure your kitchen utensils do not look like a mess. Straining oil, sifting flour, brewing loose-leaf tea, or straining lumpy gravy, do it all with our best Cooking Oil Strainer.
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