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5 Best Water Bottles to Meet Your Hydration Goals

To stay hydrated is essential, and one of the best ways to fulfill your hydration needs is to carry a water bottle. But, only carrying a water bottle is not enough. Like many habits, drinking enough water and other hydrating liquids like fruit juices, protein shakes, and other such drinks can be surprisingly difficult. So, you need a motivational bottle that can remind you to drink your shakes, water, and juices whenever you want. The motivational water bottle comes with time marks and measurements to help you achieve your small hydration goals easily and on time.

Maintaining proper hydration is key to maintaining good mental and physical health. Now, all is possible with a motivational water bottle. If you are using a timer water bottle, it helps you drink water whenever you need it. When you stay hydrated, it helps regulate your body temperature, prevents infection, lubricates your joints, and delivers nutrients to cells.  

If you are in search of a water bottle that you can use to carry juices, water, and other liquids on the go, then you are in the right place. Slursh has come up with the best quality motivational water bottle.  

Here , we have mentioned some premium quality water bottles and shakers with their features to help you narrow down your choices and find the most suitable product to fulfill your specific needs.

  1.  Timer Motivational Water Bottle

The innovative timer water bottle has 12 timestamps and measurements up to 32oz in both liters and ounces. In addition, it comes with friendly reminders and motivational quotes that make staying hydrated fun for you. Also, it features a wide mouth with a top cover that opens with a push button. 

Available at just Rs. 799.

Some of its unique features are: -

  • Timer water bottle is Highly portable and versatile
  • Water bottle with a motivational time marker is 100 percent shatterproof and ergonomically designed.
  • Pop-up silicone straw for spill-proof sipping
  • Motivational bottle is Freezer safe and leakproof
  • The BPA-free motivational bottle comes with interesting inspirational quotes and time markers.
  • Slursh 500ML Smart Water Bottle

  • The smart timer water bottle comes with an insulated thermal drinking bottle which is crafted with a double-walled stainless-steel interior. It can keep latte coffee drinks cold or hot for long hours allowing you to enjoy them for hours. 

    Available at just Rs. 399.


    Some of its unique features that make it a

    • The motivational bottle is easy to hold and carry.
    • It has a tea filter and led temperature display.
    • Also, it is BPA-free and versatile.
  • Rapid Shaker Bottle

  • It offers lumps-free mixing and caters to the needs of all fitness enthusiasts. Regardless of where you are, whether in a gym or busy at your work, you can get a discrete shaking experience with our Rapid Shaker Bottle.

    Available in Rs. 799 only.

    Some of its unique features that make it special are: -

    • Made from non-toxic, food-grade, and fully recyclable material.
    • BPA-free and holds liquid with clear markings.
    • Screw tight lid that ensures zero leakage
  • Sumo Gallon 1.5 Litre Protein Shaker Bottle

  • The advanced 2-litre motivational water bottle comes with several amazing features and offers various benefits. It is perfect for mixing healthy drinks and shakes and large enough to keep your protein powder, water, or juice all day when you are in the practice, gym, Yoga, class, hiking, or other sports. It can fulfill your hydration needs anywhere and anytime. And, if you want to look into the features of Motivational water bottle 2l, then finding it with the motivational water bottle amazon is super easy. 

     Available in Rs. 999 only.

    Some of the unique features that can compel you to buy it include: -

    • Made from 100% food grade material & BPA-free.
    • Provides lump-free smooth shake.
    • 100% leakproof and spacious
    • Eco-friendly and saves time.
    Cyclone Protein Shaker Bottle (500ml)

    The mixer bottle is perfect for smoothies, protein shakes, pancake batter, and many more. Using the motivation bottle  is a guarantee to maintain your good health and physique as it can be used for both indoor and outdoor workouts and sports. 

    Available in Rs. 799 only. 

    Some of the features that make it unique include: -

    • 100% leakproof and high-quality PPE and BPA free.
    • Very easy to clean and eco-friendly.
    • Advanced anti-leak technology and no toxins.


    Our bodies depend on water and another form of liquids such as smoothies, juices, and many more for hydration and to remain healthy. Slursh water bottle with motivational time marker keeps you regular with your water intake with its unique reminders.